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At National Gold Group, our goal is excellence. We are a team of dedicated professionals embodying conservative American family values and modern-day financial principles. The National Gold Group founders have a combined 25 years of hands-on experience in precious metals.

Precious metals have been part of our family's core for four generations, and we intend to keep it that way. Mary Bendina Winters, started collecting silver coins as a hobby in the early 1900’s. She put together a Silver Morgan Dollar and Silver Peace Dollar Collection, which are to this day treasured family heirlooms. Her love of early American coins was sown into the family DNA and would only continue to grow and flourish over the generations.

Her son David, who founded D&S Stamp and Coin in Las Vegas in the early 1960s, had a real affection for collecting and selling coins and always involved the family. Pops would tell us stories of how grandpa bought bags of silver dollars from the bank and got the whole family to sort through them looking for rare dates and mints. (He found the treasured 1893-S Morgan Dollar in such a bag). In the early 1980s, my father sold a large portion of his Gold and Silver, and with the profits bought the home that holds many dear childhood memories. He was a very smart man that always made sure to school us on the importance of building wealth - knowing what to hold, and what to sell. I’m proud to say these insights were not lost on us. After a combined total of over 25 years working in finance, and helping other precious metals firms grow their Precious Metals IRA business, we felt we could apply what we’d accomplished to help Americans like you diversify their portfolios more easily and successfully, all while providing a superior customer experience.

So with true American spirit, we decided that serving our customers was more important than serving other firms. With these convictions we opened the doors of National Gold Group with offices in Honolulu, Hawaii and representatives in every American time zone. 



At the National Gold Group, our mission is to help hard-working Americans diversify and hold their wealth for generations to come. We achieve this by providing education on precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and by bringing a balanced perspective to why metals may just be the perfect way to build and grow your legacy. We offer physical delivery of precious metals to your doorstep, or inside of a retirement account like an IRA or 401K. We pride ourselves on providing 100% customer satisfaction on every transaction.


We understand that an educated client is a happy client, and we pride ourselves on our satisfied clients. We make sure to guide clients on all of the details of a precious metals investment, and make sure they go over their options thoroughly. Our team is dedicated to ensuring best-in-class service, tremendous value, and helping to customize the best precious metals for your individual and communicated needs.



We support local and national organizations both financially and through volunteer work. Some of the organizations we support include The Wounded Warrior Project, Sustainable Coastlines, Kaiwi Coast Run & Walk, and The Ronald McDonald House.


The core value of our company is from the education aspect of precious metals and that is how we tackle the transaction of each client. Understanding, comfort, and education are the crucial aspect of making reasonable financial choices and our skilled and proficient precious metals experts will assist you through every step. 



We guarantee to provide support for as long as your account exists.

No fee Buy-Back

We will provide to you our no fee buy-back services (if/when you intend to liquidate your metals).


We only offer the best products, and we guarantee the best prices for those products - Period!


We are the home of the Precious Metals IRA "Lifetime Fee Waiver". Check with your account rep to see if you qualify.


We have strong moral principles, and always work with our clients best interest in mind.

Family Business

We're an old fashioned family business with a team of professionals who will treat you as such.


With National Gold Group’s experienced account managers, one-stop IRA Department, transparent pricing, and timely service, you will have the advantage of collaborating with reliable leaders in the precious metals industry.