GOLD: $1685.63 SILVER: $19.71 PLATINUM: $905 PALLADIUM: $2110

Risk Disclosure

Please read this carefully before investing in precious metals.

Any performance data quoted represents and is based upon past performance only, and is neither a prediction nor a guarantee of future performance or results Precious metals may increase and/or decrease in value, and investments in precious metals, like all investments, carry a risk of loss, so you should seek advice of qualified legal, financial and/or tax advisors before investing in precious metals. Neither National Gold Group nor its principals or representatives collectively “National Gold Group” provide investment advice.

customer’s assumption of risk of investment

Customer assumes the risk of all investment decisions and acknowledges and understands that National Gold Group has not made and will not make any guarantee, promise, representation, or prediction regarding Customer’s ability to profit from any transaction, or any tax consequences or implications of any transaction. In no event shall National Gold Group be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from any transaction involving Customer. National Gold Group expressly disclaims any express or implied warranties, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, and any warranty as to the grade or description of any precious metal. Customer alone decides what precious metals to purchase and if and when to sell precious metals, and National Gold Group guarantees neither the profitability of any transaction, nor that Customer will be able to sell any precious metal for a profit.

customer’s investment objectives

Though National Gold Group may assist Customer in selecting precious metals, Customer acknowledges and understands the decision to purchase precious metals, and which ones to purchase, is Customer’s decision alone and National Gold Group is not responsible for Customer’s decisions. Customer further acknowledges and understands that any assistance National Gold Group may offer to Customer, does not create a fiduciary or special relationship between Customer and National Gold Group, and that National Gold Group is not authorized to offer or provide, and does not offer or provide, legal, investment or tax advice. Any written or oral statements by National Gold Group regarding future events are statements of opinion only, and Customer will not and may not rely upon such statements in connection with any investment or related decision. Customer acknowledges having been afforded the opportunity to discuss the risks of all investment decisions with National Gold Group and/or Customer’s own independent advisors, and has not been coerced or pressured into any investment decision(s).

holding period

Precious metals should be considered a long-term investment, and Customer should be prepared and willing to hold any purchased precious metal for several years, preferably three to ten years. Therefore, Customer should not invest capital that cannot be held for at least this estimated period of time. Customer acknowledges and understands National Gold Group makes no guarantee or prediction that Customer will make a profit, or will not sustain a loss, at the expiration of such period of time.

volatility of market

The performance of a precious metals investment depends in substantial part upon often-unpredictable extrinsic market forces, including without limitation supply and demand, international monetary markets, inflation and general economic conditions and expectations. The impact of these forces, or any of them, on the values of precious metals cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty. Customer acknowledges and understands the precious metals market(s) can be volatile and that prices may rise or fall over time, and that past performance is no indication of future performance. Moreover, precious metals are not suitable investments for anyone seeking current income. National Gold Group shall not be liable for any loss caused directly or indirectly by any exchange or market ruling, government restriction, force majeure (i.e., act of God, war, terrorism, embargos, labor dispute, etc.), or any other cause beyond National Gold Group’s reasonable control.

disclaimer of damages

In no event, and under no legal theory, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall National Gold Group be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, economic, non-economic or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation damages resulting from any loss of profits, earnings or business, even if National Gold Group is advised of the possibility of such damages.

retirement accounts (iras)

Though National Gold Group has made every effort to comply with current federal laws governing IRAs, National Gold Group expressly disclaims any responsibility or obligation for any tax consequence or impact Customer incurs as a result of any Internal Revenue Code regulations or interpretations. Customer acknowledges and understands that Customer has been advised to seek independent tax advice and National Gold Group has not made, and will not make, any representations regarding the tax impact or consequences of precious metals held as an investment in an IRA.


Are considered are reviewed on a case by case basis. Generally there are no refunds, except as expressly stated in the National Gold Group transaction agreement, all sales are final and precious metals cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund. Customer agrees to carefully inspect each delivery upon receipt, and if for any reason Customer is not fully satisfied with the quality of any precious metal purchased from National Gold Group, Customer will immediately notify National Gold Group. If Customer notifies National Gold Group of Customers dissatisfaction within fifteen calendar days after delivery of the subject precious metal and the original holder in which the subject precious metal was delivered has not been opened, removed, tampered with, or damaged, National Gold Group will replace the subject precious metal with another precious metal of the same denomination/type and grade.

disclaimer of express warranties

National Gold Group warrants that the nature and precious metals content of purchased precious metals are as described and genuine, but no other express warranty is or will be made with respect thereto. Grades and descriptions of precious metals are solely expressions of opinion, are not statements or representations of fact or guarantees, and are based upon standards and interpretations that may and do change over time. National Gold Group uses contemporary grading standards and interpretations to grade precious metals, or relies upon the opinions of recognized independent grading services like: Professional Coin Grading Service, Inc., Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America, American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS). National Gold Group does not guarantee or predict the precious metals it sells will achieve the same grades from National Gold Group or from any independent grading service in the future.